1. Maximum silence is to be observed while in the Library.
  2. Bags, briefcases, metallic containers, umbrellas, overcoats, are not allowed in the library Smoking and consumption of food and drinks in the library are forbidden.
  3. Reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. The Library staff may remove books and other personal effects left for any length of time on chairs and tables. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left lying on reading tables.
  4. Books consulted within the Library should be left on the tables after use.
  5. All readers leaving the Library in possession of books, papers, folders/Box files, etc, must present them to Library staff for checking at the point of exit. The library security may request a user leaving the library to carry out a close body check in case they suspect books are tied on the body or hidden under cloths.
  6. Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of these rules and regulations will render the library user concerned liable to suspension from the use of the Library. not withstanding any other appropriate action (disorderly or improper conduct include: stealing library property; mutilating material, fighting, use of abusive language and indecent dressing.
  7. A suspended user shall re-apply in writing to the University Librarian with evidence of apology to offended party(s) for re-admission to Library membership.

These rules and regulations are subject to revision whether in full or in part at any time.
These Library rules and regulations apply uniformly to all library users of Library Services of Kyambogo University.