Welcome to the Central Library

The Central library is located at the end of Harlow Rise above the Central Teaching Facility (CTF). This library is still growing its collection to support the six Faculties and the two Schools of the University.

The Central library building is comprised three floors. On the ground floor is the Information desk, Lockers, the Digitisation unit, the Technical Services Section, Closed Access Section with a reading area capacity of 40 users.

The first floor has the conference room, training room, research carrels, the computer lab, multimedia unit and the library ICT office: The library training room has a capacity of 12 people while the computer lab has a capacity of 144 users some of which are enhanced with assistive technologies for Persons with disabilities. The lab facilities are available for use by both students and academic staff.

On the second floor are offices of the University Librarian, Deputy University Librarian, Administrative Secretary, and a reading space with a capacity 164 users. This floor has the French Corner (upcoming), discussion rooms and a balcony that acts as the library’s social lounge.

The central library has WIFI and a number of power ports which allow users with laptops and other mobile devices to find seating space and patronise the electronic resources. Users interested in patronising the research carrels and discussion or seminar rooms have to book with the Library ICT section on the first floor.

Kyambogo University Library is the official coordinator of Book Aid International in Uganda. Educational institutions interested in applying for book donations submit their applications to the University Librarian in liaison with the Head of Technical Services on the ground floor. All other concerns relating to the collection of Kyambogo University library are all handled by the Technical Services Section.


University Librarian: Dr. Eliz Nassali State e-mail: librarian@kyu.ac.ug

Head Technical Services: Mr. Edward Mukiibi e-mail: emukiibi@kyu.ac.ug

Head Library ICT services: Ms. Mary Acanit email. macanit@kyu.ac.ug; elibrarian@kyu.ac.ug

The Perfect Location

We are located behind the CTF Building